The Holls - 2007

September 7 - Stanley is only an hour old


Full set of lungs on Stan


September 8 - Grandma & Grandpa T with Stan


Stanley & Great-Grandma Hieronimczak (He's named after her late husband and his Great-Grandpa, Stanley Hieronimczak). She couldn't be more thrilled!


Grandma & Grandpa Holl with Stan


Dad with son


Sarah and her new baby brother!


September 9 - Sleeping


Four generations: Great-Grandma Hieronimczak, Grandma Holl, Daddy, and Stan


September 10 - Great-Grandma Moore and Stan


September 11 - Stan is home!


Stan is sleeping


Sarah helping Mommy with Stan


September 12 - Stan and Daddy are resting


Sarah is learning to change diapers with "Baby Wendy"


September 13 - Stan and Mommy are resting


September 19 - Sarah and Emily jumping on the couch!


Katie's not a baby anymore!


September 21 - Four generations: Great-Grandma Moore, Grandma Poodle, Mommy, and Stan


September 22 - Sarah loves dressing up!


September 27 - Sarah at Krispy Kreme


September 29 - Stan sleeping at the Harvest Fair


Sarah going down the inflatable slide at the Harvest Fair


September 30 - Stan's first bottle


October 3 - Stan's first bathtub bath


October 9 - Sarah playing with Stanley


Stan's look


October 21:  Eat My Dust - Driving Grandpa Holl's Vega


Tracy makes a mean chocolate cake!


October 25:  Big sister helping!


October 27:  What's not fun about Daddy?


October 28:  Trick or Treat!!  Sarah wanted to be "pink"; so she's a ballerina!


November 3:  Cheeseburger!  Happy to visit with Santa


November 4:  Stanley's Dedication (with Pastor Mark)


Post-Dedication nap with Grandma 'Miczak



Hanging out with Uncle Steve (Sarah Outfit #2 of the day)


Stan with Uncle Justin and Aunt Chrissy


Stan with Uncles Steve & David


Stan with Grandpa T & Grandma Poodle


Stan & Tiger Sarah (Outfit #3) with Grandma & Grandpa Holl


The (tired) Craig Holl Family


November 6:  First Smile caught on film!


November 8:  Sarah's last night with nuk - it "broke" the next day - darn!


November 25:  Sarah "shoe thief" Holl


Christmas Card 2007


December 1:  Dad!  Why did you wake me up?


First snowfall!  Apparently the novelty wears off.


December 6:  Ooooo..what else did St. Nick bring?


December 8:  Cookie Decorating Picasso


December 9:  Buds - Cousin Nathan & Sarah


December 10:  Sarah's last night of tumbling class - showing off for Mom


December 23:  Thayer Christmas

"I don't want it to be Christmas!"


Cool watch from Uncle Buck


Aunt Chrissy & Stan


Aunt Chrissy & Sarah - Wow! Aunt Chrissy is good!


December 25:  Yay!!!  Christmas!!!


Let's take pause for a brief moment of silence.


Now let's party!


Very first Barbie!  Thanks Cousin Anna!!


Phew - Christmas wears me out!


Sarah "helping" Grandma 'Miczak


December 28:  You're sooooo good-lookin'


December 29:  Moore Family Christmas

Sarah's rockin' out on keyboard!


Thayer Family


Holl Family


Mommy, Sarah, Grandma Poodle, & Great Grandma Moore


Uncle Fred & Sarah (& Cookie Monster)


December 30:  Moore Family Bowling (First Annual?)


Sarah & Mommy lighting up the lanes!


December 31:  I don't think I'm going to make it until midnight!