US 41 Abandoned Rest Area

On US 41 southbound at milepost 104, there is an abandoned rest area. It was abandoned by WisDOT sometime in the 1990's. This location is about 3 miles north of Fond du Lac. (All photographs taken by Scott Kuznicki on October 5, 2002.)

[Aerial Photo of US 41 Rest Area]

This is an aerial photo of the now-abandoned rest area. The photo is dated May 5, 1992.

[Next Rest Area 21 Miles]

This sign is just before the ghost exit for the rest area. These signs are usually only located at a rest area, so motorists can decide which one to go to. (The next rest area is about 1.5 miles south of Lomira) This one now looks out of place, without a rest area here.

[Looking North]

This is looking north, where the gore of the exit ramp was. You can still see the striping on the shoulder.

[Looking South]

This is the same place as the previous picture, just looking south.

[Rest Area]

Looking south into the rest area.

[Truck Area]

This is probably where the truck parking area was.

[Looking South]

The entrance ramp striping is still visible on the shoulder.

[Looking North]

Looking north into the rest area from the entrance ramp.


The end of the entrance taper striping is still visible on the shoulders.

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